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ORGANIC STEVIA powder is a wonderful way to add sweetness without sugar to your food & beverages. Available in limited amounts. So glad that Alyssa is happy - Carol Joyce

Dear Carol Joyce,

I'm not sure if you remember me, my name is Alyssa.  I bought a few products from you at the Garlic and Arts festival a while ago.  One was the Vitex Tincture and the other was the Stevia.

First, I want to say the Stevia works wonders.  I've been snacking less and feeling so much healthier because of it.  Second, the Vitex tincture has been a miracle!  I recently did get my period and I had mild cramps for ten minutes instead of the crippling, all day ones that I had before. 
'm so thrilled that this worked out, I'll definitely be ordering more.

Anyway, I wanted to give you a review and let you know how thankful I am that I bought these things from you.

Best wishes,
Alyssa Edgecombe   

NourishMint TEA is a favorite & Carol often offers it iced or hot at the Amherst Farmer's Market (MA) on Saturdays. Tasty, refreshing, & so good for you! See what Michelle Croze of Harmony Way has to say:.

 I came to see Carol at her stand for White Buffalo Herbs at the Amherst Farmer's Market.  At the time, I was dealing with a terrible allergic reaction and hive outbreak that turned out to be from a new corn allergy.  After trying literally everything that I knew to do and that my doctor recommended (allergy medicine and steroids did not really do much to help the hives and just made me feel worse from the side effects -- there's also corn in both of them), I went back to something that I have always believed in:  Nature.  Carol's NourishMint tea, which has a combination of tasty mint leaves, oat straw, and most importantly for me, nettle (which I believe is great for allergies and other immune issues) was the only thing that really helped me, along with the long process of entirely removing corn from my diet and home.  

     Initially, I began by drinking two to three cups of this tea per day.  Every time I had a cup, I noticed a significant improvement, not only in the hives situation, but also in my regular seasonal allergies and breathing!  I was so excited to have found a product that finally worked and was organic, was totally from nature, and was made with such great care and love!  I am continuing to drink one cup of this tea per day, which is still helping my seasonal allergies and any potential hives from accidental exposure to corn.  As a bonus, I have been exposed to several people with colds recently and am still very healthy.  This tea is a product I believe in and will continue to use and recommend to others.  It helped me tremendously with allergies and I feel it can help with other immune issues, too.  I also gave some to my father, who had a cold.  He had positive things to say about it as well and felt that it helped him to recover faster, when other things were not really helping him as much.

     I would whole-heartedly recommend this product to anyone during cold and flu season, as well as for year-round use by those with any type of autoimmune or inflammatory issue, including allergies, asthma, etc.  It really works and also tastes delicious as an added bonus!  If you are struggling with any allergies or a cold, please buy this tea and try it.  You won't be disappointed.  Carol is also an amazing resource who gives wonderful advice about herbal remedies.  Thank you, Carol/White Buffalo Herbs for this life-changing product!

Submitted by:

Michelle Croze 
Harmony Way

Community Herbalist Carol Joyce with her helper in front of some of her ORGANIC HERBS.​

One of our best sellers is our ORGANIC VITEX also known as Chaste Tree Berry. Many people have had lovely things to say, in particular is this first review: .

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