This NEW LIBIDO BOOSTER for both sexes is a tasty tea that's perfect for your special night. Bound to become a VALENTINE's DAY favorite! This tea comes in a beautiful tin & makes a drink that is that is *said to increase fondness & a sense of well-being. Perfect for couples.
 Contains: ORGANIC Licorice, Raspberry Leaf, Ginkgo, Hibiscus flowers, & Roses.
Tin makes 30 cups of tea.

        ROMANCE TEA Tin: $8              


This NEW tincture is delicious and helpful. Want to both get in the mood for love? Try this mellow libido booster that is great for both men and women

A delicious, loving tincture that is *said to heighten desire, & boost fondness.  Take this tasty mixture of ORGANIC Licorice, Raspberry Leaf, Ginkgo, Rose Petals, Hibiscus flowers, in an alcohol base  to delight each other.

        ROMANCE Extract, 2 oz: $18              


(Trial Size)

Try our "ONE NIGHT STAND" trial size herbal LIBIDO BOOSTER extracts. These are the same as our LOVE Plus for women & POWER Plus for men above. Try these together with your loved one to make a wonderful time even more delightful.
Enough for one time use.


Romance Duo Trial size $6

"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."- Buddha (Siddartha) -

POWER Plus Extract

Men should try this *libido booster that is said to heighten testosterone levels & get you ready for action! Made to *help build muscle mass, the combo of ORGANIC Wild Yam, Jamaican Sasparilla, Licorice, Damiana & Siberian Ginseng will *help things stand to attention, add power to your workouts, & give you stamina for love. Heady!

Power P 2 oz: $18        Power 5.5 oz: $31

Vitex Extract

This ancient herb tincture is famous. *Traditionally considered a female hormone regulator which is said to keep your Sex Drive strong & healthy. 
Contains ORGANIC Vitex (Chaste tree)


Vitex Extract 2 oz: $18             Vitex 5.5oz $31

LOVE Plus Extract 

Women love the taste of this sumptuous loving tincture that is *said to improve circulation to private places, heighten desire, & warm the soul. Take this extravagant mixture of ORGANIC Licorice, Damiana, Muira Puama, Guarana & Hawthorne to enhance your experience. (5-yr shelf-life)

Love Plus 2 oz: $18  Love Plus 5.5 oz $31

LOVE Butter

Luscious body emollient that helps moisturize those very private places. 
Contains ORGANIC Cocoa Butter, Olive Oils Lavender, Beeswax, & Vit. E. 

Love Butter 1/2 oz $4    Love Butter 4 oz $13

Rose Comfort Aromamist

​              TEMP OUT OF STOCK

Rose is *said to inspire love & emotional comfort. Oldest known love potion. Contains ORGANIC Turkish Rose EO in dist. H2O. 
Due to huge increase in price of Rosa damascena eo, new pricing applies below:
Rose 1 oz: $8.50  Rose Comfort 5.5oz $26

Cinn-Fully Fresh Aromamist

Spicy spray of skin-warming cinnamon *which heightens your sense of touch. Spray skin, feel the warmth, then blow on it for a 'cinnful' experience. Contains ORGANIC Cinnamon essential oil in a distilled water base.  Decadent!

Cinn-ful 1 oz: $8        Cinn-ful 5.5 oz $21

Spray for *immediate interest in LOVE! 
ORGANIC Patchouli EO in distilled H2O in beautiful blue cobalt glass spray mister.


Aphrodesia 1 o: $8      Aphrod. 5.5 o $21 


Romantic Moments

*Said to increase sexual potency & self-confidence. Scent is redolent of tropical jasmine. Contains ORGANIC Ylang-Ylang essential oil in dist H2O in cobalt glass mister. 

Romantic Mom. 1 oz: $8   Romantic 5.5oz $21
Lavender Calm

Organic Lavender is *known to calm. A quick spray can help you get ready for bed, Contains ORGANIC Lavender EO in dist. H2O..


Lav Calm Mist 1 oz: $8~Lav Calm 5.5 oz: $21


 LOVE Potions: Tonight's the night to try our sensual, enhancing herbal Love Potions or intimate All-Natural Lubricant 

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