White Buffalo HERBS  


A new flavor of DAILY DASH! 
​Now with 
ORGANIC TURMERIC. *Said to be an incredible anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory; arthritis helper. Tasty , curry like flavor is just the best! Try it on chicken, in soups, or as a dip.
Contains ORGANIC Milk Thistle(*said to boost liver health), Italian Herbs, Garlic, Pepper, Calendula, &
TURMERIC.  3.5 oz shaker

Turmeric Daily Dash 3.5 oz shaker: $7


Sprinkle each of these on food as a SALT-SUBSTITUTE or for cooking.
Contains 1 each of our Original DASH,
Spicy, Volcanic, & Turmeric​ DASH 
in 3.5 oz shaker containers.

DAILY DASH Combo: $25


Not sure which one of our wonderful ORGANIC, FARM-RAISED Herb Mixes you want to buy? Need a GIFT? 
Try this SAMPLER that contains 
6 of our 7 kitchen herbs 1st.

Contains all 3 ORGANIC DAILY DASH's, Herbes de Provence, Jamaican Jerk Rub, & Turmeric in 1 oz. shakers.

Kitchen Herb Sampler: $21

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 STEVIA Powder 
Stir this into your favorite beverage for instant, intense, NATURAL sweetness. Traditionally used to reduce cravings for sugar, fat, & salt; to lower blood sugar (in type-2 diabetes), & help lower blood pressure. Contains ORGANIC Stevia. Amazingly SWEET!  
​​Stevia Powder: 3.5 oz: $16


Sprinkle on food for a curry flavor. *Said to help arthritis, inflammation, cholesterol. Anti-oxidant properties..
Contains ORGANIC
(spell it with or without an "r")
​NEW Bigger SIZE

Turmeric Powder NEW 4.5 oz shaker: $13

Herbes de Provence

Pure Imparts a delicate flavor to your favorite recipes for pork, fish, lamb, chicken, or tofu. Try some on green beans. Contains ORGANIC Savory, Thyme, Rosemary, Basil, Tarragon,
& Lavender.

Herbes de Provence 4 oz jar: $8

Jamaican Jerk Rub 
Rub on pork or chicken for an incredible taste delight. Spice up your turkey salad. Make portobello patties taste superb. Contains ORGANIC Garlic, Onion, Allspice, Ginger, Cayenne,black, & hot peppers, Cane Sugar.

Jamaican Jerk Rub 4 oz jar: $8
Original DAILY DASH (TM)   

Our famous herb supplement is made from all ORGANIC, farm-raised herbs. There is NO SALT & NO SUGAR in this. Adds a new twist for your table;  shake this mix liberally on salads, potatoes, eggs. Or add while cooking. Contains ORGANIC Milk Thistle(*said to boost liver health), Italian Herbs, Garlic, Pepper, Calendula.  3.5 oz shaker
Original DAILY DASH $7
Volcanic DAILY DASH (TM) 

Try this ORGANIC, sugar/salt-free herb supplement next time you grill. Adds a zip to steak or chicken. Makes fish sizzle. Perfect marinade for Tofu. Not too intense, but it sneaks up on you. Add to yogurt for a superb dip. Contains ORGANIC Milk Thistle, Italian Herbs, Garlic, Black & CHIPOTLE peppers, & a bit of Calendula.          HOT & Smoky!    

Volcanic Dash: $7

Spicy DAILY (TM)

This all-ORGANIC salt-&-sugar-free herb supplement (*good for liver) is tasty-try it on beans or add to a stir fry. Good vinaigrette base,  Contains ORGANIC Milk Thistle, Italian Herbs, Garlic, Black Pepper, Chili Pepper, & Cayenne Pepper. 

Mildly spicy!

Spicy Dash: $7


KITCHEN HERBS: Keep a good supply of ORGANIC Herbs in your kitchen & you can spice up any meal.