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Herb Classes:Community Herbalist Carol Joyce offers many different herb classes for all ages & all abilities. Questions? Email Carol at : carol@whitebuffaloherbs.com or call her at 978-544-2203 . Check to see if COVID restrictions are lifted for our class safety...


CONTACT Carol for special intensives.
Let's go in depth with herbs! Learn some basics & more. Bring home an herbal that you make in class. 

Price varies

Contact Carol directly for payment options @ 978-544-2203 or carol@whitebuffaloherbs.com ​

​(if possible-Covid exceptions)

1. ID, Growing, Preserving, Storage
2. TEAS & Tinctures
3. Herbal Oils & Salves
4. Aromatherapy

Four (4) SUNDAYS - learning with
Community Herbalist Carol Joyce
on the farm in Warwick, MA
Beginner Level - limited to 8 students 

Fee: $450 per person (payment plan available)  Call Carol @ 978-544-2203 

$50 non-refundable deposit for text & materials

Television Classes

Carol  appeared on television (an NBC affiliate) for over 5 years, offering brief information to help you get started with herbs. Go to the Video page to watch many of her Herbs A-Z classes.



Want a class at your home? Interested in a short intensive? Contact Carol directly to see what she offers.

Classes at White Buffalo Herbs

Carol teaches frequently on the farm, in various seasons. She also teaches at various groups (churches, garden clubs, yoga groups, schools, etc)
Check back often to see the newest listings.

If you have a special class you want? Call Carol-she may be able to bring it to you! She travels throughout the Northeast spreading the word about herbs.

Annual Apprenticeship:
& Stewardship in the Green World.
(A year long immersion in the world of plants & healing.)
Applications being accepted for 2022
Carol teaches an amazing, in-depth course on herbs. NEW FORMAT

MONTHLY Classes ​
First Sunday of the month
Will return in late summer 2021
(Covid-19 considered).

Contact Carol directly at 978-544-2203 or carol@whitebuffaloherbs.com

10-noon. $30 per class 


ADVANCED Apprenticeship ​
6 month advanced course is open to past  graduates of Carol's Apprenticeship.

This a a wonderful way to continue your education about Herbalism & immerse yourself deeply in the vast world of herbs.

TBA once Covid exceptions are past