White Buffalo HERBS  

"Leela ampaytu keen washtay"  (Lakota for "Today is a good day")

 Stressed? Anxious? Uneasy? 
Consider Herbals for peace of mind;
and try to get outside for a breath of fresh air each day to look at the sky and give thanks for Mother Nature.

This lovely sunrise is looking out the windows at White Buffalo Herbs


ROSES are known to ease heartache, soothe the soul, bring happiness, & smell divine. Our Rose Comfort mist transports you to a garden while bringing calm. ROSE Berry Tea is a wonder for anxiety. Inhale: Ahh! 

CO2 extracted, thc-free CBD oil & Gummies are said to help relieve feelings of Anxiety. Also traditionally known to improve sleep..

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Our ORGANIC French Lavender essential oil is so calming - in a Roll-on, dropper bottle, or delightful mist.  Try our Lavender Buds in Tea or use our Herbes de Provence in cooking. Our FAIRY Mist for kiddos has a Lavender to stop crankiness, too! 


A comforting aromamist w/organic Lavender, Palmarosa, & Geranium eo. Anxious? Panic Attacks? 
Mind racing in middle of night?
Our AMAZING BEST SELLER works in 15 seconds!

Organic thc-free CBD

Other soothers available throughout our Product Line:

As a Community Herbalist, I create our herbals with PEACE & JOY in mind.
If you are feeling overwhelmed, consider trying one that "speaks" to you. Besides those listed above, peruse our website to find just the right one... Perhaps drinking a cup of GOLDEN SPIRIT Tea to unwind; or put 4 drops on your skin of TRAUMA RELIEF 5-Flower essence to aid with fear & trauma; sip RELAXATION Tea filled with German Chamomile; or spritz your wrists with apple-scented SOOTHE ME aromamist. 
Need a special herbal? Call to see if I can create it for you.


                                                                                      Take care & be well,    Carol

Our Most Popular Soothing Herbals: