Our luxurious skin serum-meant to be used sparingly. Handmade in small batches with famous IMMORTELLE EO (Helichrysum italicum). Traditionally* used to restore suppleness to face & hands & is applied daily to continue or restore the beauty of your skin.
Contains Organic Immortelle, Lavender, & Carrot Seed Essential Oils in a Rose Hip Seed & Borage Seed herbal oil base, w/Vit. E. Comes in a 0.33 ounce blue cobalt glass roll-on bottle.


Immortelle Skin Serum 1/3 oz $30

St. Johnswort Oil

Our beautiful red St. Johnswort Oil is lovingly prepared from the wild St. Johnswort flowers on our farm in the time-honored way. *Traditionally rubbed on the skin for pain relief, especially from sunburn and nerve related skin disorders (i.e. Shingles, Lupus, Sciatica, Eczema, Neuralgia). Color varies due to weather. Contains pure St. Johnswort oil. 

St. Johnswort Herbal Oil

.35 oz roll-on $10             2 oz bottle: $21

LOVE Butter

Our luscious, creamy balm made from soothing, body conscious ORGANIC Oils.
 Use to moisturize those very private places. Great for massage, too.
Contains Organic Olive Oil, Cocoa Butter, Lavender EO, Beeswax, Vit. E in unbreakable jar.
A Hot Seller!

Love Butter 1/2 oz: $4    Love Butter 4 oz: $12

St. Johnswort flowers in bloom
at White Buffalo Herbs
on our Still Willin' Organic Farm

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Fairy Herbals for Children, Pain Relievers, TEAS, Kitchen Spices
& our Love Potions.


*Great for chapped, cracked hands, lips, or feet. An herbal first aid balm that helps heal. Rub on hands prior to gardening to hep release dirt when washing up after. 
Contains ORGANIC Comfrey, Calendula,  Lavende, St. Johnswort oils; Beeswax, Vit E.


Gardeners 1/2 oz: $4.25      Gardeners 4 oz: $13
SPORTS Relief Salve

Not sure WHAT hurts? Try this salve. Or if you work out rub on before & after.*Said to help sore muscles; sciatic, nerve, arthritis & joint pain. Increases circulation. 
Contains ORGANIC Arnica, Calendula, St. Johnswort oils; Hot Peppers, a synergistic blend of Essential Oils, Beeswax, Vit E.


SPORTS Relief 1/2 oz: $4.25          SPORTS 4 oz: $13
BUNION Relief Oil

*Used for bunions & other extreme foot pain. Favored by dancers & those who stand on their feet all day. A little goes along way.
Contains rare ORGANIC Tagetes Essential Oil in an Organic  Olive Oil base w/Vit E.


​​Bunion Relief Oil, 1/2 oz: $16

Our silky soft body powder to sprinkle on skin, in shoes, or on linens for a cooling, deodorizing effect. An alternative to talc, often applied after a shower.
Contains ORGANIC Kaolin Clay, Cornstarch, ground roses & lavender buds, Fr. Lavender EO.


FAIRY Body Silk, 6 oz. shaker:   $10


BORAGE Bliss Skin Cream
Just updated! Now richer & in a new container that maximizes freshness & ease. Our proprietary small batch, non -  greasy cream is for sensitive, damaged, fragile, or irritated skin. Borage is said to rejuvenate delicate skin. Try it for dry, tired skin; for sunburn or eczema. Pamper under your eyes, on face, neck, lips too !  
Contains ORGANIC Borage Seed, Hemp, & Safflower oils, Shea Butter, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Beeswax, Vit E, Tranquil-ez EO. 

BORAGE Bliss cream 2 oz jar: $26


DEEP Relief Salve

*Rub a small amount on sore muscles for temporary relief. Our unique combination of ORGANIC HERBS for bruising, deep nerve & muscle pain.
Contains ORGANIC Calendula, St. Johnswort,
& Arnica oils; Beeswax, Vit E.


Deep Relief 1/2 oz: $4.25     Deep Relief 4 oz: $13

Luscious LIP GLOSS

Our ORGANIC Lip Gloss is available in Orange or Peppermint flavors.Come sin unbreakable twist tubes. Smooth this on your lips to add shine & *help chapping. 
Contains ORGANIC Comfrey & Olive Oil, food grade EO, Beeswax, Vit. E.  

NEW:  GINGER Gloss                   Peppermint Gloss
Lip Tube: $3.50                     Lip Tube: $3.50
Allergy Relief Aromamist
Proprietary blend said to *help with mild allergies & common allergic reactions. Contains ORGANIC Lav, Balm, & Ger. Chamomile EO, Distilled H2O. Immediate!
Allergy 1 oz $7  Allergy 5.5 oz $20
LAVENDER Calm Facial Scrub

Our gentle face scrub for all skin types.  Add a small amount to palm, add warm water & smooth on face. Rinse with warm water for an exquisite experience. 
Contains: finely ground ORGANIC almonds, oats, rose petals, lavender buds, & Kaolin Clay with Fr. Lavender EO.

Lavender Face Scrub 4 oz jar:  $16
CONGEST Relief Lotion

This greaseless lotion is full of infused herbal & essential oils *traditionally used to help COLD & FLU symptoms. Cajeput is said to dry out lungs & relieve pain; Camphor helps shortness of breath; & Eucalyptus to kill staph & strep & open nasal passages. Contains ORGANIC Cajeput, Camphor, Eucalyptus EO & herbal oils in an ALL-Natural Lotion base.

Congest Relief 2 oz squeeze bottle:  $12


BODY CARE: Organic herbal Body Care handmade with your health & fitness in mind.
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GERM Relief!

Save your old bottles, since shortages continue across the country.
( REFILL sizes available)

Having an issue staying healthy? Our Germ Relief is said to kill staph & strep on contact. Sends Salmonella, cold germs,& some virus' packing, too! Spray hands, rub briskly & presto! You are ready to do battle! (Natural & Organic)
Contains Organic Eucalyptus & Lavender Essential Oils in a rubbing alcohol base (so it will NOT freeze & can be carried in your car)
Comes in a 2 or 5 oz. Silver Bullet or REFILLS

Spray 2 oz : $13 Spray 5 oz: $21   

NEW REFILL Size (for your own sprayer)

REFILL 8 oz: $25 REFILL 16 oz: $36  

LAVENDER Calm Body Lotion
NEW: budget-friendly LG SIZE

This LAVENDER scented, gentle, greaseless body lotion is now in a 
LG size. ​A little goes a long way.

Contains Organic French Lavender in an organic lotion base w/Vitamin E.
In a budget-friendly 8 oz squeeze bottle.


Lavender Body Lotion 8 oz: $26


Our newest addition top our herbal pain relievers. Try this potent, cooling spray on sore muscles, joint pain, 
or just where something hurts.
(Stronger, with more herbs than the leading other "freeze" item )
Contains Organic Arnica, St Johnswort, & Guarana extracts; & Organic Camphor, Bozwellia, Cajeput, Helichrysum, Peppermint, & Melissa EO; in a rubbing alcohol base. Comes in unbreakable spray bottles.


Pain Freeze 2 oz $13 - Pain Freeze 5 oz $22

SINUS Relief Roll-on

Troubled by sinus congestion? Hate that stuffed up feeling? Try this roll-on...Very potent essential oils diluted in an organic olive oil base. Roll above your eyebrows (where your sinus' are) & a bit under your nose for relief in about 15 seconds. Avoid your eyes.
Contains Organic Geranium, Rosemary, Peppermint, Cajeput, & Eucalyptus essential oil in an olive oil base with Vit E.
In a beautiful cobalt glass roller.

I can breathe!

Sinus Relief Roll-on .33 oz: $19

Skin Toner

Try this gentle bu effective SKIN TONER that contains Organic Palmarosa essential Oil in a distilled water base. Perfect to spray on your face after cleansing. Gentle enough for daily use. (Avoid eyes).
​Comes in a beautiful blue glass spray bottle with a long shelf life. 


Skin Toner Spray

1 oz: $8                            5.5 oz $26

White Buffalo HERBS  

LAVENDER Calm Body Lotion

Here is a luscious, gentle, sweeet smelling, greaseless body lotion. 
​Apply sparingly-a little goes a long way.

Contains Organic French Lavender in an organic lotion base w/Vitamin E.
In a 2 oz squeeze bottle.

(See below for a NEW  larger size)


Lavender Body Lotion 2 oz: $10