FLU Relief Aromamist 

*Said to kill staph & strep on contact. Smells like Gramma's chest rub. 
Contains ORGANIC Lavender & Eucalyptus EO,Distilled H2O.

BREATHE again!

Flu Relief 1 oz $8            Flu Relief 5.5 oz $26
IBS Relief Aromamist 

*Said to soothe Irritable Bowel Syndrome & many tummy issues. 
Contains ORGANIC Melissa, Ginger, Mint EO, Distilled H2O.


IBS Mist 1 oz $8                   IBS Mist 5.5 oz $26
LAVENDER Calm Aromamist 

*Said to CALM; relieve nervousness, headaches. Specific to burns & birthing. Contains ORGANIC French Lavender EO, Distilled H2O.

Lavender 1 oz $8                   Lavender 5.5 oz $26
Fairy Mist Aromamist

Our very special childre
n's spray *said to relieve crankiness. Contains ORGANIC Lavender EO, Dist. H2O & Trauma Relief 
A true FAIRY helper.

Fairy Mist 1 oz $8                Fairy Mist 5.5 oz $26
Concentration Aromamist 

Terrific for job interviews or exams. *Said to increase concentration; discourage overeating. Contains ORGANIC Bergamot, Grapefruit, Basil, Lav EO, Distilled H2O.
Concentration 1 oz $8   Concent. 5.5 oz $28
Cool Breezes Aromamist 

*Traditionally used to refresh the min; COOLS anger, hot skin.Contains ORGANIC Spearmint EO, Distilled H2O.
Minty Cool!

Cool Breezes 1 oz $8    Cool Breezes 5.5 oz $26
Clarity Aromamist 

*Said to be grounding. Quickens senses, calms mental fatigue & stress. Contains ORGANIC Clary Sage EO,Distilled H2O.

Clarity 1 oz. $8                   Clarity 5.5 oz $26
Arthritis Relief Aromamist

*Our unique formula said to give temporary relief from deep bone pain.Contains ORGANIC Bozwellia, Helichrysum, Lav & Peppermint EO, Distilled H2O. Fast!
Arthritis 1 oz $8       Arthritis 5.5 oz: $26
Simply Lavender Roll-On

Roll this ORGANIC essential oil over your skin for a lasting calm scent. Contains pure Fr LAV EO in a cobalt glass roll-on.


Simply Lavender Roll-on  $19


Aphrodesia Aromamist

*Traditionally usedas an aphrodiisiac & to elevate depression. Men are drawn to this scent. Contains ORGANIC Patchouli EO. Earthy!

Aphrodesia 1 oz. $8    Aphrodesia 5.5 oz. $26
Allergy Relief Aromamist 

Proprietary blend said to *help with mild allergies & common allergic reactions. Contains ORGANIC Lav, Balm, & Ger. Chamomile EO, Distilled H2O.
Allergy 1 oz $8                      Allergy 5.5 oz $26

Look for our Organic essential oils in our Body Care line. Most of our salves & balms contain our EO. There is Fr.Lavender in our Fairy & Love Butter. 
Our whipped Borage Bliss has drops of our proprietary Tranquil-ez blend in it.
Even find our EO in our Bunion Oil!
Organic Fr. Lavender Essential Oil

Historically used to calm, Lavender is specific to birthing & burns. It's the only EO safe enough to apply undiluted to skin.
Contains pure EO in a glass dropper bottle.


                      1/2 oz Lav EO $19                      

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils and Aromamists to affect mood & health!  

TRANQUIL-ez Aromamist

Our unique blend *said to relieve anxiety & stress; stop panic attacks & palpitations. Helps you cope!
Contains ORGANIC Lavender, Palmarosa, Geranium EO, Distilled.H2O
A comforting FAVORITE!

Tranquil-ez 1 oz $8              Tranquil-ez 5.5 oz $26
WISE Woman Aromamist

Our proprietary mist *said to relieve hormonal exhaustion, moodiness, sadness, especially during Menopause. 
Contains ORGANIC Lavender, Clary Sage, Bergamot. Geranium Distilled.H2O

WIse Woman 1 oz $8  ~ Wise Woman 5.5 oz $26
WOODLAND Spirit Aromamist
(formerly BALSAM Woods)

Redolent of the Holidays. Used to refesh Balsam pillows. Creates a woodsy scent.
Contains ORGANIC  Balsam EO & Distilled.H2O

Woodland Spirit 1 oz $8  ~   Woodland 5.5 oz $26

*Said to improve memory, lift depression. Rosemary for remembrance-Shakespeare. Contains ORGANIC Rosemary EO, Distilled H2O.
Remembrance 1 oz $8   Remembrance 5.5 oz $26

Look for our Organic essential oils in our Body Care line. Most of our salves & balms contain our EO. There is Fr.Lavender in our Fairy & Love Butter. 
Our whipped Borage Bliss has drops of our proprietary Tranquil-ez blend in it.
Even find our EO in our Bunion Oil!

Aromatherapy: Essential Oils and Aromamists to affect mood & health   FREE shipping on orders $50.01 & OVER!

SOOTHE ME Aromamist

Our sweet smelling Roman Chamomile is *said to: relieve stress, help with muscle soreness, & calm or soothe! unique blend 
ORGANIC Roman Chamomile EO, Distilled.H2O
An unusual scent!

Soothe Me 1 oz $8              Soothe Me 5.5 oz $26
SINUS Relief Roll-On  NEW!
Troubled by sinus congestion? Hate that stuffed up feeling? Try this: potent essential oils diluted in organic olive oil. Roll above your eyebrows (where your sinus' are) & a bit under your nose for relief in 20 seconds. Avoid your eyes. Contains Organic Geranium, Rosemary, Peppermint, Cajeput, & Eucalyptus essential oil in an olive oil base with Vit E. In a beautiful cobalt glass roller.
I can breathe!
Sinus Relief Roll-on: $20
LEMON Lift Aromamist

*Said to lift spirits & improve Humor! Smells like fresh-squeezed lemons. 
Contains ORGANIC Lemon EO, Distilled H2O

Lemon Lift 1 oz $8            Lemon Lift 5.5 oz $26
PAIN Be Gone Aromamist 

*to offer quick, topical pain relief, esp. for sore tendons & joints. 
Contains ORGANIC Helichrysum, Cajeput, Lav EO, Distilled H2O

Pain Be Gone 1 oz $8  Pain Be Gone 5.5 oz $26
Feet Treat Aromamist

Our proprietary blend *helps soothe tired feet. Contains ORGANIC Rosemary, Lavender, Peppermint EO, Dist. H2O . 

Feet Treat 1 oz: $8   Feet Treat 5.5 oz: $26

ROMANTIC Moments Aromamist

*Said to increase self-confidence & sexual potency. Scent redolent of Jasmine in the Tropics. 
Contains ORGANIC Ylang-Ylang EO, Disti H2O

Romantic 1 oz $8   Romantic 5.5 oz $26
ROSE Comfort Aromamist

*Said to inspire LOVE, supports & opens the heart. Smells like a fully open rose. Use for Aromatherapy or use as a facial toner.
Contains ORGANIC Turkish Rose, Distilled H2O
DUE to huge increase in Rosa damascena EO price, these sprays are now more costly

Rose Comfort 1 oz $8.50           Rose 5.5 oz $30
FLASH Relief Aromamist

Our fast-acting, sweet smelling spray that *STOPS Hot Flashes during Menopause. Cooling.
 Contains ORGANIC Clary Sage, Geranium, Lemon, & Sage EO, Dist. H2O  
Women LOVE this!
FLASH Relief 1 oz $8    FLASH Relief 5.5 oz $26

White Buffalo HERBS