White Buffalo HERBS  

Organic Handmade Herbals,  Aromatherapy Products & Classes

About Us: Life at White Buffalo Herbs on
​Still Willin' Organic Farm & Botanical Sanctuary:

Why "White Buffalo"
The Lakota have a story of White Buffalo Woman,   or Ptesan-Wi. It is said that she appeared many ages ago, in her hands were sage leaves and a medicine bundle   of precious gifts. She shared her gifts of sweet grass for purification; the gift of prayer; corn, pemmican,   wild turnip, and hearth cooking; and the pipe in which is the peta-owihankeshni or the flame to be passed on   from generation to generation. She said the four ages of creation were in her and that she would return some day  when the people needed prosperity again. When she was no longer needed, she walked away, rolling over four    times.

The 1st time she turned into a black buffalo, heading North,

the 2nd a brown buffalo, heading South,                                                                            

 the 3rd a red buffalo, heading East,

and the 4th, heading West, she turned into a white female buffalo calf:   believed by the Lakota to be the most sacred living thing one can behold. We thought by naming our business White Buffalo Herbs, we could honor White Buffalo Woman and her commitment to creating a healthy community. Meaning no disrespect to our Native American Community, we cherish White Buffalo Woman's vision and hope to empower others to create their own good health.


                                                   Carol Joyce is a Community Herbalist, organic farmer, social worker, & creative facilitator who weaves her love of  Herbalism and healing into every facet of her personal and professional life. She & her husband, Marty Vogt created Still Willin'   Organic Farm & Botanical Sanctuary, where they reside. Raising herbs for the past 27 years in the N. Quabbin area, they continue   to build this beautiful sanctuary & hope to serve the community for years to come.

 White Buffalo Herbs is a small, family run herb company  providing the community with quality ORGANIC herb medicines, cosmetics, aromatherapy products, and plants.

Carol handmakes each item and raises most of her organic herbs, at home on her farm. Carol offers an ANNUAL Apprenticeship. She has enjoyed enlightening people about herbs for the past

25 years.  She studied herbalism throughout her life & apprenticed w/Gail Ulrich in 1992-4. She has her BA from Mt. Holyoke College, is a Certified Criminal Justice Specialist, a Master Addictions Counselor, a Social Worker, &a Behaviorist. She even has her offshore Captain’s license! Carol brings a lively, humorous style to the herbal classes she teaches at colleges, international herbal conferences, local farms & Garden Clubs throughout our New England community.

 Marty Vogt,                                                                      a woodsman, builder and personal trainer has been awakening people to the secrets of the forest most of his life.                                                    An avid cyclist, sailor, & fitness enthusiast, Marty is fearless, loves the challenges that Mother Nature sends our way, and revels    in opening people’s eyes to the wonders of the Green World we share. Marty, who runs Vogt Builders, is a licensed building contractor and a Deltec (round homes like ours) Field Consultant who builds traditional timber frames, modern homes, and specialty projects. His background as a certified diesel mechanic, creative builder, & outdoorsman has helped him tackle the constant challenge of building our dream out of raw wilderness.

 Organic farmers both,                                                                         together Carol & Marty make a dynamic team who share their love of the wilderness with outdoor enthusiasts and plant lovers at White Buffalo Herbs Botanical Sanctuary and Wilderness Education Center located on their Still Willin' Organic Farm in Warwick, MA.