Our "souped up" version of our Deep Relief with added hot peppers & camphor for heat; Arnica & St Johnswort tinctures, Peppermint, Bozwellia, Helichrysum, Lavender, & Cajeput Essential oils.

Great for active people who get sore!
 An active customer favorite.

Contains: Organic Arnica, St Johnswort, Calendula herbal oils, hot peppers, & essential oils in a beeswax base w/ Vit E. 

Avoid your eyes!   

​​Sports Relief 1/4 oz: $4    Lg 4 oz: $12

Japanese Knotweed Extract 

Our NEW tincture said to help with JOINT PAIN & LYME


    Organic Japanese Knotweed

2 oz extract: $18               5.5 oz $31


Our gentle salve that is said to help with sore muscles, bruising, sciatic, & soreness. A customer favorite.

Contains: Organic Arnica, St Johnswort, Calendula herbal oils in a beeswax base w/ Vit E. Scent free.

Feel better!   

Deep Relief 1/4 oz: $4      Lg 4 oz: $12

Turmeric Powder 4.5 oz

Pure powdered Turmeric in a glass spice shaker. Often used for inflammation & considered high in anti-oxidants. Use 1/4 tsp daily. Tasty added to food or in

"Golden" Coconut Milk:

1/2 tsp turmeric ~ pinch cinnamon & ginger

2 tsp honey       ~   1 can coconut milk 

Divide spices between 2 mugs & mix in honey. Heat coconut milk & pour into mugs. Stir.           ​Yum!

​     Turmeric Powder 4.5 oz shaker : $12



Our newest product: this phyto-nutrient rich Organic Hemp Oil extract is Colorado-sourced & organic. Certified THC-Free! & flavored with our organic Spearmint EO. Each 1 oz/30 ml bottle contains 500 MG of THC-Free CBD oil Traditionally used for neurological or muscle pain, stomach issues, etc.often used by athletes. Also said to be helpful for stress. 

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Contains Organic 500 mg THC-Free CBD Oil, Food-grade Spearmint essential Oil for flavor.

​           RELIEF PLUS 1 oz: $75


When sinus pressure is just WAY too painful, try our very strong sinus roll-on. Filled with steam-distilled, organic essential oils in an organic olive oil base, simply roll it lightly across your forehead (just above your eyebrows) to put it right where sinus pressure is bad. A quick dab under your nose & voila! Relief in 15 seconds.


Sinus Reilef Roll-on: .33 oz: $20

LYME Herbals


Struggling with LYME? Chronic Fatigue? Try the herbal powder mix to increase energy & stamina. The Core Protocol #1 Extract is helpful after you have seen your doctor...      HELPFUL!

Core Protocol Tincture 2 oz: $18

Chronic Fatigue "Tea": $21 


QUART Chronic Fatigue : $50 



Our delightful, mild tea that is wonderful to help dispel side effects from necessary STEROID treatments. Perfect for arthritis & rheumatism, too. High is GLA. Give it a try!

Lovely dried borage leaf & flower in a tin makes 30 cups. Large make 150 cups & comes in a bag.


​Borage Bliss Tin: $8 Borage Lg: $30 

PAIN Relief:
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NEW:SPORTS Relief Plus

​​Our famous Sports Relief salve now with our Relief Plus, THC-Free Hemp Oil added!  Apply  to sore areas, sparingly. Avoid eyes or sensitive skin. ​

Contains: Organic Colorado-sourced Hemp (500 mg CBD Oil) Arnica, St Johnswort, Calendula oils, Hot peppers, essential oils, beeswax, vit E.

Certified Thc-Free! Apply to sore areas, sparingly. Avoid eyes or sensitive skin. 
Comes in 1 ounce green jar.

(REBATE COUPON for future CBD purchase included)

​    SPORTS Relief Plus Balm, 1 oz: $55


Try this potent, cooling spray on sore muscles, joint pain, or just where something hurts. (Stronger, with more herbs than the leading other "freeze" item ) Contains Organic Arnica, St Johnswort, & Guarana extracts; & Organic Camphor, Bozwellia, Cajeput, Helichrysum, Peppermint, & Melissa EO; in  rubbing alcohol base. 


Pain Spray 2.5 oz: $13     Pain lg 5 oz: $22

White Buffalo HERBS  


A new addition to our
​Now with
ORGANIC TURMERIC added to the original base. *Said to be an incredible anti-oxidant & anti-inflammatory. Tasty, curry like flavor is just the best! Try it on chicken, in soups, or as a dip.

Contains Organic Milk Thistle, Garlic, Italian Herbs, Black Pepper, Calendula, & Turmeric.

TURMERIC Daily Dash: $7